Short distance races in the stunning locations of the Kathmandu Valley. Each race will carry a score based on the rankings of the participants. The scores will be added to the finale for the Championship and surprising rewards for the loyal racers.

Races will be in three categories by age- Under 18, 19-39, 40+ age.

There will be a very short distance up to 7 km of a Fun Run for the kids and beginner runners which will not carry any points but nevertheless will be well supported.

Come join the nature and the fun! See you in the race!

Trail running is an upcoming popular sport which takes place off-road and in natural adventurous regions like mountains, hills, deserts etc.

Nepal, blessed with natural adventurous terrain, is already a popular destination for the adventure activities. The difficult terrain has also developed naturally strong trail athletes who are able to perform at the highest level in international championships. It was through this sport that Mira Rai, the female ultra-runner and National Geographic Adventurer of the year 2017, has achieved international recognition from her performance in trail running races in at least 14 different countries. Other Nepali athletes having the opportunity to compete internationally have also performed at the highest level and broken records in this sport.

Kathmandu Trail Race Series is an initiative to get this beautiful sport mainstream athletic recognition in Nepal. It will be great exposure for talented athletes who want to venture into trail running. Apart from the competitive scenario, we also wish that participants will be able to appreciate nature of the valley. Away from chaos and pollution of city life, it will be a great opportunity to explore outdoor fitness activity and network with an active social community.

Trail Running Nepal has been organizing successful trail races in Nepal for the past 6 years.


Anuj Adhikary

Anuj does photo, video, design and web for KTM Trail Race Series, as well as other admin shenanigans. He is the nerdy henchman he never wished to be. He loves food. Website:

Jimi Oostrum

A strong runner with an animated personality, Jimi provides an extensive knowledge of the trails in and around Kathmandu. He is a regular at the Himalayan Hash House Harriers, which – don’t let the name fool you – is a fun weekend run.

Aashish Mishra

Aashish is a jack of all trades, and responsible for coordination of the series. He is always on his feet, and gets work done like clockwork.

Mahesh Dahal

Mahesh is an IT guru and seamlessly handles technical matters for the race. He has helped out with several races as the technology chief. He is with the UN during day time.


Mahesh Thapa

Smiley Mahesh has a build of a great dane, and runs like one. He is a part of the trail identifying, marketing and sweeping team. On a more recent and memorable incident, he ran the Mustang Marathon (through a Himalayan desert) with a wooden stick and a smile.

Manish Tamang

The young and energetic Manish (Glasshammer) is our trail marker and sweeper. Having been involved in numerous trail running races in Nepal, Glasshammer is always up for an adventurous run. He takes pride in his flatulence.

Admin and IT

Palistha Dongol

Having been involved in numerous running and mountain biking events, Palistha brings admin experience and skills, along with a straightedge personality.

Irfan Khan

Irfan, sometimes referred to as Damu, is no joke when it comes to visuals. Hailing from the gorgeous city of Pokhara, Irfan is an outdoor enthusiast, while his personal story is one that inspires (ask him for details). He has promised to doublecheck the right watermark before putting photos online.


Samdup Gurung

Samdup is the youngest crew member of the race. He is half-part running prodigy and half-part media enthusiast – a super combination to capture your best and snottiest moments on the trails. He ran the Everest Marathon in 2017 with a cowboy hat. He loves acting and dancing.

Trail Running Nepal Team

Richard Bull

Richard organizes races in Nepal and handles Trail Running Nepal. Some of the races that keeps him busy are Manaslu Trail Race, Mustang Trail Race, Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, Annapurna 100 and Stupa to Stupa among many others. His beer o’ clock starts at 6pm.

Mira Rai

Mira is an ultra runner, born in Bhojpur in eastern Nepal. Along with racing, she is currently engaged in mentoring upcoming Nepalese runners and also organizing races in Nepal through her company Trail Running Nepal. She was voted the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2017. Mira’s Wikipedia page